Decouple your device and app development, deprecation of old simulators


Cumulocity 7.43 will introduce a new device simulator that can simulate any SmartREST-based device using the brand new SmartREST template editor.

Besides providing a great way to demo IoT, it also permits you to better decouple your device and app development using Cumulocity. Just define SmartREST templates for your new device, then simulate the device and implement your app against the simulated device -- while your device developers are still developing the real implementation. 

As part of this activity, we will be retiring the previous simulator infrastructure. In Cumulocity 7.43, you will see both "old" and "new" simulators. Starting from Cumulocity 7.44, only the "new" simulators will be available. 

Here is an "appetizer":

Managing simulators:

Adding a simulator:

Configuring play lists for simulated devices:

Configuring operations of simulated devices:

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