Cumulocity Release Note 7.42


New functionalities & improvements

Cockpit Improvements

The widgets “Data point graph” and the “Data Explorer” have been improved to visualize alarms and event as timelines. Using this new functionality, users can easily correlate device and machine problems with sensor information.

Details about the new timeline feature:

  • Alarm types and event types can be added to the graph as timelines, in addition to the data points.

  • Alarm types: A bar indicates periods of activity and inactivity of the respective alarms.

  • Event types: Dots/milestones icons visualize each event on the timeline.

  • Under “Add datapoint”, there is now a new button “Add alarm/event timeline” to select available alarm and event types.

Device Management Improvements

Bulk registration functionality was improved. It is possible to define custom external id mappings and custom device properties that are added to newly created devices during registration:

  • To add custom external id mapping, place external id type as a last header with 'external-' prefix, e.g. to add external id mapping of type 'c8y_Imei', in the last column header enter: 'external-c8y_Imei'. The value of this external id type should be set in the corresponding column of the data rows.
  • To add custom property to registered device, place custom property name as a header, e.g. 'myCustomProperty' and the value would be in rows below.

Administration Improvements

Tooltip with more info about the “Admin role” has been added under the “User groups” menu item.

Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Cockpit] Dashboard permissions cannot be denied [#10569]

[Device Management] “Load more” button in the event list is not working properly [#10585, #11253]

  • The UI duplicates values if you click on the “Load more” button.

Additional bugfixes:

  • The translation issues have been fixed [#10590]


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