Cumulocity Release Note 7.43


New functionalities & improvements

Cockpit Improvements

The Data Explorer and the Data Point Graph widget were improved.

  • You can show alarms and events below the x-axis to correlate them with measurement data.

  • A bar chart option was added to improve the visualization of measurements.

One additional widget was added:

  • Info gauge: A Widget visualizing data points in the form of a gauge.

  • One data point can be selected for the gauge, additionally multiple data points can be selected for labels shown on the left side.


Device Management Improvements

You can now manage OPC UA devices from Cumulocity, in a similar manner as Modbus or CAN devices.

  • Define OPC UA data models in the Device Database:

  • Create a connection to OPC/UA servers in the OPC/UA tab of the gateway.

Simulator improvements:

  • A new simulator is available now in Cumulocity. The simulator can simulate various device types and the data values send by the device. It plays back data based on playlist concept. Additionally it simulates operation handling.

  • An instruction in t can consist of a message, or a sleep step (do nothing for x seconds). Various messages are available by default: create measurements, events, alarm, update operation status, etc… The default messages are based in MQTT static templates. Additionally, custom messages can be defined using the SmartREST template editor.

The user can define the list of operations the device supports, select predefined device management operations or define custom operations.


In case the simulator itself runs into problems, you can find these problems in the “Alarms” tab.

  • The original simulator functionality is deprecated and will be removed in the coming release. It is still available, but a warning has been added.

Administration Improvements

Developing new real-time analytics rules using the CEP (Complex event processing) engine is now simplified by improving the monitoring and debugging functionality: In order to monitor issues in event processing rules, two improvements are available:

  • Under “Event processing”, when opening a specific rule, the event log on the right highlights an error by showing it with red background.

  • It is now easier, to see if there is a rule in our tenant with an error: When an error occurs, an alarm is created. If there is an active alarm related to an event processing rule issue, a message is displayed in the home page of the administration application:

Documentation improvements:

  • German user's guides are available.
  • The quality of pictures in the documentation was improved.
  • The concept and user's guides were redacted.
  • The guide for the new simulator is now available in the “Device Management” user’s guide.


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Cockpit]          When Japanese characters are used in the device name, there is an incorrect character encoding in the e-mail sent from the “Alarm to e-mail” smart rule

[Cockpit]          An error is shown each time when you add dashboard and widget alarm list to a new group

[Cockpit]          Map Widget: Selecting a group without objects shows all devices on the map [#10847]

[Cockpit]          Active alarms are not shown in the data point graph if they are from a long time ago

  • Alarms overlapping with the current period of the graph are potentially not shown if they have been created a longer time ago.

[Cockpit]          On alarm, execute operation, the operation is not filled in

  • The operation textarea is not filled in with the chosen operation unless focus is set on the text area.

[Cockpit]          Geofence smart rules were creating many unnecessary alarms. [#11403, #11485]

[Device Management]   Bulk operations assigned to groups are not cleaned up after the group managed object has been deleted

[Device Management]   In the location tab, altitude is missing, only longitude and latitude are shown

[Device Management]   The device counter in the title under the “Sub-assets” tab is not working properly

[Tracking]        Wrong tracking event is shown on the event list

  • When an event with the wrong type is sent, the event is shown on the tracking event list.


Additional bugfixes:

  • TFA code verification token is sent via SMS if users leave the application running in the browser tab. [#11178]
  • The support user sees management tenant cep rules when logged to another tenant. [#11256]





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