Cumulocity Release Note 7.45


New functionalities & improvements

New BETA feature: Cloud Sensor App is now available

With this app, you can collect sensor data from your smartphone (acceleration, GPS position, ambient light, pressure) and forward it to the Cumulocity IoT platform.

The Cloud Sensor app sends the sensor measurements from a Texas Instruments (TI) Sensor Tag and an Android smartphone to Cumulocity to be securely processed and managed. The data can be monitored on the smartphone and in the cloud. Additionally, your devices can be controlled from Cumulocity.


Use this app to simulate a device (your smartphone) and experience how to use the Cumulocity applications like the Cockpit application.


  • Sensor data can be monitored and collected from the Texas Instruments (TI) SensorTag via Bluetooth.



  • For more info about the app, check the “Cloud Sensor App” user’s guide.
  • To use the “Android Cloud Sensor App” you need a smartphone with Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

Cockpit Improvements

Dashboard and widget configuration has been improved.

  • New: Dashboard layout section has been added to the configuration menu.

  • Preview of a widget is now available. Choose your “Dashboard Theme” and “Default Widget Header Style” and the preview will be immediately updated.

  • New: Similar to dashboard, “Customize widget style” section has been added to the widget configuration

“Alarm List” widget improvements:

  • Check boxes for the alarm seventies have been added.
  • A reminder to select at least one severity has been added.

Device Management Improvements

“Create dashboard” option has been removed. This option is now available only in the “Cockpit” application.

  • Please note that, the existing dashboards are still available.
  • For more info, see here.

Administration Improvements

Old simulators are deprecated and they have been removed from the “Administration” UI.

  • For more info about the new simulators, see here.
  • Please note that if you still have old simulators running, they will remain, but they will not send any measurements.


Documentation improvements:

  • Audit logs documentation is now available in the “Administration” user’s guide.
  • The Web SDK guide has been updated. For more info, see in the “Web Developer’s Guide”  section.
  • Cloud Sensor App user’s guide has been added.
  • Cloud Fieldbus user guide has been updated. Documentation for the OPC-UA has been added.


Additional improvements:

  • Agents can now run as containers.
  • Option to define memory and JVM settings for agents has been added.

Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Administration] List of user groups are not sorted alphabetically [#10587]

[Administration] An error is thrown when you try to add a new user

[Administration] Tenant repository cache is not cleared when a new tenant is created [#11725]

[Cockpit] Events in real-time are not filtering properly

[Cockpit] When you ‘Restore default dashboard’, the default widgets are being added to the additional custom added widgets

[Cockpit] “Add device” button is not working as intended. An error is shown in the console if the button is pressed [#11460, #11537]

[Cockpit] “Alarm list” widget is not working properly, Invalid configurations can be created

[Cockpit] “Geofence smart rule” breaks when a device sends events outside the fence  [#11403]

[Cockpit] “Map widget” track option is not working

[Device Management] Bulk operation progress bar is not updating according to the state of the operation

[Device Management] The “Load more” button in “All Devices” is always visible [#6895]

[Device Management] When you add a register to a device type with a lot of characters, the layout is cut off [#8703]

[Device Management] After updating the alarm status in a device, real-time is not triggered and therefore some widgets are not updated

[Device Management] Error is no longer shown when sending two or more operations consecutively with realtime turned on

[Device Management] Configuration snapshot issues have been fixed [#11510, #11604, #11626]

  • During custom snapshot creation, GPSO should be “0” when ON and “1” when OFF. Currently it is the other way around.
  • The algorithm for custom profile creation is wrong.
  • The configuration select dropdown menu doesn’t appear when scrolled down.


Additional bug fixes:

  • After deleting and registering OBU devices again, the error “Could not find managed object with id '<deviceId>' “ is no longer shown.
  • No logfile is created when installing CEP server from RPM packages.
  • When the “Clear Search” button is clicked and the device search box is empty, an error is thrown.
  • Translation mistakes have been fixed. [#11723]
  • The memory needed to fetch the collection of data has been reduced.
  • CEL statements no longer break the entire server due to high load or high memory usage.
  • Query language does not work as intended.
    • Currently, inventory queries silently add a query for c8y_IsDevice in the backend. Instead, the user interface should add c8y_IsDevice when someone specifies the filter as part of using “All devices”.
  • Issues during tenant creation have been fixed. [#11725]
    • Tenant repository cache is not cleared when a new tenant is created.
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