Release Notes 8.4: Data point widget improvements


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Cockpit Improvements:

“Data points graph” and “Data points table” widgets have been improved.

  • Selectable start and end dates have been added.


  • The start and end date fields can be enabled/disabled in the widget configuration view.


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit] Null valued measurement is displayed as zero in the “Data explorer” widget. [#12766]

[Administration] When you try to add tenant policies, retention rules do not have labels.

[Administration] The missing “Data type” icons when you add retention rules have been added.

[Administration] Contact form is prefilled during user/tenant creation or when you edit a user/tenant. [#12697]

[Device Management] After simulator deletion, errors are shown.

  • When you delete a simulator, the simulator tasks should be stopped first.

[Device Management] The title is not cleared when you leave the simulator details page. [#12812]

Additional bugfixes:

  • During CEP engine malfunction, the “Create smart rule” operation results in an invalid state. This is no longer possible, since now there is no possibility to save the smart rule if CEP is down.
  • MQTT client does not reconnect automatically. [#12707]
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