Release Notes 8.0: REST API Improvements for events and child objects


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Device Management Improvements:

Device simulator improvements:

  • Errors occurring during the simulation are now reported as an alarm.


Administration Improvements:

Management tenant users can now register a device to a specific tenant without the need to login into the tenant.


Documentation improvements:

  • “Cloud Remote Access” documentation has been added to the “Device Management” users guide.
  • “Events” reference guide has been updated.


Additional improvements:

  • Smartphone dashboard improvements:
  • The graphs value range adapts to the actual data so that the measurements are easily visible.


  • The events Rest API now has the possibility to store/retrieve and delete binaries for events.
    • Every event can have one binary file attached.
    • Size of the attachment can be upto 50MB.
    • For more info, here.
  • Managed object "ChildAPI" has been extended
    • Child managed objects can be created and assigned in the same time.

 Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit] “Info Gauge” widget overlays with text.

[Cockpit] “Smart Rule” issues have been fixed.

  • “On measurement explicit threshold” smart rule does not trigger the alarm.
  • An error is thrown when you create “Calculate energy consumption” smart rule.

[Cockpit] “SCADA” widget does not work properly when you select a device with a very long name.

[Cockpit] When zooming into a realtime graph in the “Data explorer”, the time period is not set to the selected range. [#11622]

[Cockpit] “Smart Rule” deactivation is not working at device level. [#11909]

[Cockpit] Realtime does not respect event type settings in the “Event list” widget.

[Cockpit] Widget temporarily disappears from a recently created report.

[Cockpit] Tracking issues have been fixed. [#11482]

  • Map doesn’t center on the selected device.
  • Track button is not working.

[Cockpit] Color picker issues have been fixed. [#11107]

  • Colorpicker is not working correctly on “IE11” Browser.

[Administration] Events are now sorted by “time” instead of “creation time”.

[Administration] When you try to add a user an error is thrown.

[Administration] New KPI’s cannot be added when you fill in only the required fields.

[Device Management] “Reload” is not working as intended in the control tab of a device.

  • Not all operations are shown when you press “Reload”.

[Device Management] Device list filtering is not behaving correctly

  • When you try to filter by an existing IMEI the device is not being shown.

[Device Management] Save button is not enabled when you fill correctly all remote access fields.

[Device Management] Translation issues in the UI have been fixed. [#12155]

Additional bugfixes:

  • Empty home pages are shown if the user has no permissions.
    • If the user has insufficient rights e.g. for “Tenant Statistics”, an empty home page is shown.
  • Login problems when using strange symbols in the username have been fixed. [#11448, #11595]
  • Identity cannot be deleted when the Id contains a “/” character. [#12171]
  • Measurement migration should not migrate as part of tenant initialization. [#12143]
  • Datapoints truncation limit issues have been fixed [#11943]
    • Even when the declared limit of 5000 data points is not reached, some datapoints are still not shown.
  • Binary removal error when removing “Image” widget has been fixed. [#11594]
  • Microservice url is not stored in tenant options. [#11921]
  • Bulk message issues have been fixed
    • If the first message is create device and the device already exists, the following messages are not invoked.




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