Release Notes 8.1: Property library


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Administration Improvements

New: Additional custom properties can now be added to tenants, inventory, alarms and events.

  • All custom properties can be created, edited or deleted in the “Properties library” located under the “Settings” menu item.


  • To edit a property, simply click on the name of the property. To remove a property, click on the property first and then click on “Remove”.


  • Custom properties for “Subtenants” also can be observed or exported in the “Usage statistics” menu.


Additional improvements:

  • The “Cloud Sensor App” has been translated.
    • The app now supports “German” and “Japanese” languages as well.

 Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit] Incorrect column visibility by default in the “Datapoint list” widget.

  • By default, no column is selected, but all of them are shown instead.

[Cockpit] The “SCADA” widget cannot be added.

[Cockpit] Groups are not shown to their “Owner”.

  • When a user is an “Owner” of a group, he cannot see the group in “Cockpit”.

[Administration] Inventory assignment is not inherited through parents when children on lower level have their own inventory assignment.

[Administration] Long group names are not displayed properly.

[Administration] When the delegating user is disabled, the outgoing delegations are now suspended.

[Administration] When the delegated user is moved to another hierarchy, the delegation is suspended.

[Administration] User hierarchy visibility after delegation has been fixed.

  • If a user delegates outside of his hierarchy tree, he does not see himself in a hierarchy.

[Administration] Long inventory role description names are not truncated, instead the whole message is shown.

[Administration] Issues when copying roles from another user have been fixed.

  • If a role has a long name, it is not shown properly in the “Copy roles from another user” screen.

Additional bugfixes:

  • IE issues have been fixed.
    • After logging in the view is not refreshed. Only cached data is being shown.
  • Users with business role receive an error during login. [#12095]
  • “SCADA” widget save button is disabled. [#12217]
  • Translation issues in device credentials list have been fixed. [#12284, #12272]
  • Websocket microservice is blocking requests with keep-alive connection.
  • baseURL is broken in the cep configuration.
    • If there is no “Loadbalancer” role, the C8Y.baseURL points to localhost instead of failing.
  • Platform performance issues have been fixed.
    • On high load, the platform slows down and doesn’t fully utilize CPU.
  • Bulk credentials issues have been fixed.
    • Password is not validated during creation, instead, password is validated during update.
  • “JSDocs” was fixed for “c8yMeasurements.listSeries(). [#11866]
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