Release Notes 8.3: Tenant policies, Configuration editor


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Administration Improvements:

New: Tenant policies have been added under the “Tenants” menu item. This feature is available for Dedicated or Private Edition only, i.e. for users with access to the management tenant.

  • The “Tenant policies” are groups of settings that control features and configuration of tenants. Policies are created by using defined settings and then the settings are applied to tenants.


  • To edit a policy, either click on the desired policy or hover over the policy and then click on the desired action in the cogwheel menu.


Configuration settings can now be changed without any downtime. Please note that this feature is only available for “Dedicated Edition or Private Edition users”.


  • Currently configuration settings are stored only in the “Management” tenant options. Other tenants are not able to update the settings.


Device Management Improvements:

The “Data point explorer” in the “Device details” measurements tab has been updated.



Additional improvements:

  • With this release, the old simulators have been completely removed. Please use the new simulator instead.
  • Management tenants can retrieve “emails.txt” containing all users email addresses of all subtenants. Only emails to users subscribed to the newsletter are added.
    • Newsletter subscription can be selected/deselected under the user settings.

Documentation improvements:

  • The “Administration” users-guide has been updated.
  • New users-guide “User and permissions management” has been added. For more info, see here.


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit] No events are being exported in the “Reporting” menu.

  • When you try to export data in the “Reporting” section, events are not being exported.

[Device Management] Device simulator deadlock issues have been fixed. [#12600]

[Device Management] Loss of some measurements has been occurring during device simulations.


Additional bug fixes:

  • The remote access microservice is always using default configuration properties.
  • Translation issues have been fixed. [#12699]
  • Unicode issues in the “SCADA” widget have been fixed. [#12642]
    • Unicode characters are not displayed properly when they are outside of the “Latin1” range.
  • Update of microservices does not affect roles.
    • When the client updates with microservice application, the roles are not updated in the application entity.
  • During sign up, the missing “*” sign has been added next to the required fields.
  • Long tenant names are shown out of the field during sign up.
  • Support users have no access to “Smart rules”.


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