Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.5


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


Documentation improvements:

  • “SmartRest” reference guide has been updated. [#13181]
    • The inaccurate responses given in the documentation have been fixed.

Additional improvements:

  • The (optional) devices connectivity tab now supports additional features provided by the SimAgent API. This is only relevant for customers using the COMARCH integration.


Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


[Administration] A “403” error is shown after correct inventory role assignment. [12911]

  • When a “parent user” with an inventory role tries to assign the same inventory role to a “child user”, an error is shown.

[Administration] German translation of roles description is missing. [#12993, #13019]

[Administration] When creating a new user, in order to set an owner, the owner must have “ROLE_USER_MANAGEMENT_CREATE” permission. However, when updating the user, it is possible to set the owner without this permission. [#12921]

[Administration] The order of the inventory roles in the user details does not correlate to the order in the drop down menu. [#13025]

[Administration] In the “Users” menu, after expanding the sub-users, the insert space in front of the sub users is not enough. [#13016]

  • It is hard to see the difference between a user and a sub-user.

[Administration] Layout issue with inplace input has been fixed. [#12937]

[Administration] Issue with the confirmation message when you delete a user has been fixed. [#12980]

  • The exclamation mark is not centered to the info text behind.

[Administration] Alarm duplication under a target tenant is not working properly.

[Administration] Missing line break in the users list has been added. [#12797]

[Administration] There is no confirmation when adding application access to a user.

  • When the “Save” button is pressed, no message appears.

[Administration] If you check the “Copy all fragments” checkbox next to the “Fragments to copy” section,  when you “Save”, the checkbox is still not selected.

[Administration] When removing subscription, the data connector is not deleted. Instead, the subscription is constantly changing the state from pending to active.

[Administration] An error is thrown when you try to change the current user “Owner” to admin.

[Administration] In the Subtenants menu when you click “Search more” the tenant count is not correct.

[Administration] An error message is thrown when changing the user “Owner” and the new “Owner” is a delegator.

[Device Management] An error is shown sometimes when you use real time for measurements.

[Device Management] When you cancel an executing bulk operation twice, an error occurs. [#13039]

[Device Management] Issues when downloading binaries have been fixed. [#12656, #12927, #13195]

  • Even when users had access to the managed object, the corresponding binary was still unavailable, preventing it’s download.

[Device Management] The firmware version of the OBU device in the device details info tab is missing. [#11881]

[Device Management] Smart rule section is now shown in the device detail “Info” tab. [#13042]

  • Even without access to the smart rules, user now have access to smart rules applied to the devices they have access to.

Additional bugfixes:

  • The issue when the question mark moves the charts down in the “Availability” plugin has been fixed. [#12926]
  • “TFA enabled” icon is faulty [#12795]
    • Some users are missing the “TFA enabled” icon from the “Users” page and the TFA login does not work.
  • Platform credentials are no longer visible in OPCUA java agent logfile. [#12974]
  • Users with TFA receive no error message when they get forbidden access error. [#12977]
  • Translation issues have been fixed. [#12760, #12815]
    • Spelling mistakes in german have been fixed.
  • Users end up in an endless loop during password reset. [#12979]
    • Instead of an endless loop, an error message has been added.
  • Features no longer require application permissions from the user [#12898]
    • User hierarchy can now be automatically enabled for each tenant, without the need of a second step configuration.


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