Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.6


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Administration Improvements:

Device deletion has been added to the “Audit logs”

  • You can now see in the “Audit logs” when a device was deleted and the user who deleted the device.


Data Broker:
●       The “Data connectors” and “Data subscriptions” icons in the navigator have been updated in order to be distinguishable.

Application Management:

  • “Create legacy app” has been removed from the “Add applications” options.

Bug fixes

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

[Cockpit] The “Write” permission requirement for the KPIs has been removed. [#13052]

  • Users only with the “Read” permission had no access to the KPIs.

[Administration] The date picker in the “Audit logs” menu item can have a “To” date earlier than the “From” date. [#12939]

[Administration] In the “Data broker subscription” menu item, if the description is too long, the text is not truncated and goes out of the boundaries.

[Device Management] Measurement issues have been fixed. [#13191]

  • Measurements aggregate all units into one axis.

[Device Management] “Alarms” list issues have been fixed [#13072] [RM 3571]

  • Without the relevant permissions, if you acknowledge an alarm, a warning message is shown, but the icon is changed and you need to reload the page in order to see the expected behaviour.
  • If you clear the alarm without the required permissions, a warning message is shown and the alarm is removed from the list only until the page is reloaded.
  • Now, if you do not have the relevant permissions, only the warning message is shown and the alarm icons do not change.

Additional bug fixes:

●       Broken links to the user guides in the simulator and smart rules navigator items have been fixed.




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