Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.9


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

Cockpit improvements:

New: Scheduled CSV and Excel reports can now be sent via email.

  • Users can define a schedule at which CSV/Excel reports configured by the “Reports” feature in Cockpit are sent to their email address.
  • You can add schedules once your report configuration has been saved.
  • The configuration options are the same as “Send dashboard as email” smart rule.


Additional improvements:

  • The functionality of the “Save” button throughout the whole platform has been improved. [#13024]
    • The “Save/Cancel” panel appears fixed to the bottom of the screen whenever a change has occurred. This way you will no longer lose your data by navigating away from the panel without saving.


  • Connection monitoring performance has been improved.

Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] The “Create Widget” preview is not working properly.

  • The preview of the customized widget is not being shown.

[Cockpit] In the “Data Explorer”, when you open the data point edit view and choose a color, the colorpicker is cut off.

[Cockpit] In the “Home” menu, if a quick link tile has a long name it overflows the whole section.

[Cockpit] Smart rules cannot be deleted in local context.

  • Smart rules cannot be deleted when the user has no global roles and only has access to a group/device.

[Cockpit] In the “Data explorer” menu, event and alarm types cannot be added unless there are already existing events or alarms.

[Administration] With TFA enabled, logging token for another session is being sent after logging in.

  • Only one token should be sent before login, instead, two tokens are being sent.

[Administration] Properties configured with the properties library do not show up in the “Asset property” widget.

[Administration] An error appears when removing an application.

[Administration] The CEP editor does not show the full error text.

[Administration] Tenant usage statistics filtering is not working properly.

  • When you use the “Date to” and “Date from” filter, instead of showing only the subtenants from the selected date, all subtenants are shown.

[Administration] During alarm mapping creation, the form is submittable, when no severity is selected. [#13638]

[Device Management] When you edit a simulator with German user settings, the supported operations menu text is cut off.[#13605]

[Device Management] After an alarm status change, the pop-up message that appears has a “More” button. Instead, the message should appear without the “More” button.

[Device Management] The “Reload” button is disabled in the “Configuration” tab of a device.

[Device Management] Measurements don’t work if there are no measurements in the current day. [#13766]


Additional bug fixes:

  • Broken links in the user guides documentation have been fixed.
  • Issues with decoding base64 data in old binary objects have been fixed. [#13334, #13795]


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