Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.10


New functionalities & improvements


New: A right drawer menu has been added to all applications. In this menu, you can use quick links and documentation links. In order to access this menu, click on the arrow located on the top right next to the


Administration improvements:

New: Request rate limiting can be applied to tenants. Values are provided during tenant creation or in the tenant custom properties. When there is no limit on tenant level, the limit feature is considered as disabled for the tenant and access is not limited. There are four fields which can be configured:

  • Limit HTTP requests - limit of http requests for tenant per second.
  • Limit HTTP queue - limit of http request queue for tenant.
  • Limit stream requests - limit of MQTT requests for tenant per second.
  • Limit stream queue - limit of MQTT request queue for tenant.


Device Management improvements:

The Device Management user interface was improved in various places. The most important changes are listed below:

  • Configuration repository view has been updated.


  • Device credentials view and details have been updated.



Documentation improvements:

  • Real time notifications reference guide has been updated to cover real time communication via web-sockets.
  • The smart rules overview section of the Cockpit documentation has been updated.

Additional improvements:

  • Users are no longer able to delete/update tenant managed objects via inventory API.
  • The length of device credentials is now configurable in the system configuration properties file.

Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] In the device shell tab, the device is shown as offline, even when the push connection is still active.

[Cockpit] An error appears when removing reports.

[Cockpit] An error occurs when editing smart rules in IE 11.

[Cockpit] When you log into the system as admin you can edit/remove widgets in the welcome page. This should not happen.

[Cockpit] Data-points from the “Data-point library” are not updating. [#13984]

[Administration] Wrong plugin view is displayed when you clone an app.

[Administration] User delegation issues have been fixed.

  • If the owner is deleted, the incoming delegations are not removed.

[Administration] The tenant list in the management tenant is not sorted correctly.

[Administration] Users without proper permissions can change connectivity settings.

[Administration] An error is thrown when you duplicate a connector.

[Administration] The translation errors in the “Inventory Roles” menu have been fixed. [#13770]

[Device Management] A wrong label in the tenant list has been fixed.

[Device Management] The real-time settings are not displayed properly. [#14017]

  • When you navigate to the event section, nothing happens when you activate the real-time option in the upper right window.

[Device Management] The translation issues have been fixed. [#13581]

  • In the simulators menu alarms there are missing translations.
  • In the simulators menu, the text in the select box is not translated when you select an entry.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Some real time messages or device operations are lost during high load.
  • In the “Tracking bar”, the navigator bar on the left side overlaps with the alarms row.
  • Missing German translations have been added.
  • Too many permissions can create bulk operations. [#13429]
    • Now if the user has global “ROLE_BULK_OPERATION_ADMIN” he/she can create operations for all devices.
  • SMS agent reads the wrong password from the tenant options. [#13703]
  • Logs are not loading properly in IE.
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