Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.8


New functionalities & improvements

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

UI improvements:

  • The user interface has been adopted to the new Cumulocity style guide. Therefore, the user interfaces are redesigned in a lot of places. The most important changes are listed below:

Administration UI improvements:

  • Audit logs view has been improved.


  • Subtenants view has been improved.


  • Alarm mapping view has been improved.


  • Retention rules view has been improved.


Device Management UI improvements:

  • Identity tab view has been improved.


Administration improvements:

Audit logs have been improved. Alarm and operation audit logs now contain additional information.     

  • Alarms: Device name and alarm text have been added to the audit log.


  • Operations: Device name, operation description and status have been added to the audit log.


Audit logs “Filter” improvements:

  • Audit logs can now be filtered by inventory roles. The user viewing the audit log should have either global “Audit_READ” role or inventory role containing “Audit_READ” permissions for the device that the audit log is about.


  • You can now filter audit logs only by users. Note that, these users should be visible by you in order to filter them.


Device Management improvements:

Instead of being in a separate application, “Cloud Fieldbus” is now included inside the device management app. There is no need to switch applications anymore. Please note that:

  • In order to see the device database and “Modbus/CAN/OPC” tabs related to “Cloud Fieldbus”, you have to be subscribed to the “Fieldbus” application. For more info about the “Cloud Fieldbus” application, please see here.
  • Trial tenants are by default subscribed to “Cloud Fieldbus”.

Additional improvements:

  • Network interruptions no longer lead into incomplete data.
    • If the network connection is lost and reestablished, the application will still get the latest data.

Documentation improvements:

  • “Creating sub-users” section in the “User and permissions management” guide has been updated.
  • MQTT “last will” section has been updated.

Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] Map widget device locations do not updated properly. [#13440]

  • When you create a dashboard with a map widget and then change the widget to another group, the device markers from the previous group are shown.

[Cockpit] The “Info Gauge” plugin is not displayed properly on IE 11.

[Administration] In the “Audit logs” menu, when you want to filter the date, the calendar which is shown is doubled.

[Administration] In the tenant “Usage statistic” menu, additional information is not shown when you hover over the “?” tooltip.

[Administration] CEP rule doesn’t work as intended, an exception is thrown. [#11716]

[Device Management] When you move empty elements in the “Simulators” instructions list, it deletes all entries.

[Device Management] The modbus tab is missing on the devices created with the “c8y_ModbusConfiguration” fragment.

[Device Management] Spelling errors in the simulator have been fixed. [#13603, #13604]

[Device Management] When you edit a simulator there are missing translations in the drop down list of the presets. [#13607]

[Device Management] Users with specific access to a measurements fragment receive an error when they try to view this type of measurements. [#13446]


Additional bug fixes:

  • MQTT no longer creates huge session database file.
  • SmartRest does not log missing templates.
    • The logs do not contain a hint that the SmartRest template is missing.



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