Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.11


New functionalities & improvements


New:  Cumulocity can interface with LoRa devices through “Actility's ThingPark Wireless”. You can:

  • Provision and deprovision LoRa devices easily using the Cumulocity Device Management. No interaction in the ThingPark user interface is required.
  • Decode upstream payload packets using a web-based user interface.
  • Debug and post-process raw device data through Cumulocity events.
  • Send downstream data to the device using Cumulocity operations.
  • Make use of existing Cumulocity features with LoRa devices, for example: connectivity monitoring, device management, data visualization with dashboards, real-time analytics and more.
  • Please note that, you have to be subscribed to this feature in order to use it.



Release_Notes_8.11_3.pngAdministration improvements:

The “Administration” user interface was improved in various places. The most important changes are listed below:

  • Files repository view has been updated. Additionally, a new preview button has been added.

  • The “Data Broker” view has been improved.


Documentation improvements:

  • Real-time notifications reference guide has been updated.
  • Broken links in the cockpit user guide have been fixed.
  • Smartrest templates have been added to the “Device Management” user guide. For more info, see here.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] Users with the “Reader” role should not be able to save datapoints in the “Datapoint library” when they have admin permissions for one device. [#13076, #13739]

[Cockpit] Marker pop-ups on the map widget do not display any device info. [#14381]

[Administration] When no usage statistics are available “No devices found” message is shown instead of “No subtenants found”.

[Administration] It is possible to choose “Date to” date to be earlier than “Date from” date.

[Administration] When you add a long value in the tenant “External reference” the value is not truncated in the tenant list. [#14122]

[Device Management] The operations list is always empty in the device details tab.

[Device Management] In the “Simulators” menu, the names of the simulation instances are inconsistent.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Mozilla Firefox browser issues have been fixed.
    • The slider in the location tab should not appear when there are no values.
    • The falling list in the “Data point library is not properly oriented.
  • Measurements are not visible in series and XLS export when containing a dot. [#13122]
  • Incorrect user guide links have been fixed. [#14123]
  • The current UI/Backend version can be suppressed based on branding settings. [#14064]
  • Realtime issues have been fixed in case WebSocket communication is not possible. [#14117, #14150]
    • Realtime refresh is not working during device registration.
    • Measurements realtime is not working properly. You need to manually refresh the page in order to show the current measurements.
    • Realtime alarming is not shown.
    • “Fieldbus” realtime is not working.
  • The realtime websocket endpoint is not working. [#14070]
    • Realtime is broken, because cep/realtime requests are still pending.

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