Release Notes for Cumulocity 8.12: Device Management and UI improvements


New functionalities & improvements

Device Management improvements:

The dashboarding functionality in the Device Management application is now fully replaced by the Cockpit application. Custom dashboards are not available anymore in the Device Management application.


Simulators create less requests.

UI improvements:

The data point selection dialog has been improved.

  • “Select device” and “Select data point” headers have been added to the data point selection dialog.


The "Connectivity" tab has been improved.




Multiple devices can now be added in the “Device registration” wizard.



Additional improvements:

  • SmartREST request count has been decreased.
  • The branding microservice now supports the "management" tenant as well.
  • General MQTT protocol messaging performance and reliability has been improved.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to support ticket IDs.


[Cockpit] Newly created data points do not appear in the data point library. [#14301]

[Cockpit] In the “Reporting” menu, export configurations cannot be saved.

  • After cloning an export configuration, the configuration cannot be saved.

[Cockpit] Smart rule error occurring when you enable/disable two or more child devices has been fixed. [#13902]

[Cockpit] Users with “Read” and “Admin” permissions for smart rules cannot create any”.

[Cockpit] An exceptions is thrown when smart rule for multiple devices is activated. [#14243]

[Cockpit] A false link is shown after “search” without any “search” results. [#14123]

[Cockpit] Issues when adding data points from a specific device to libraries have been fixed. [#14225, #14301]

[Cockpit] In the reports menu when you use the “Send as widget to reports” option, users cannot choose any reports and additionally no “Save” button is visible.

[Cockpit] In the image widget, the “Durchsuchen” button is cut off on firefox. [#14287]

[Cockpit] Removing a widget and creating new one immediately afterwards brings the old widget back. [#14525]

[Cockpit] A scroll bar appears when you hover over a smart rule.

[Administration] The “user delegation” and “owner settings” are not disabled when the user is having only “User_Management_Read” permissions.

[Administration] The user guide link in the data subscription menu is not working.

[Administration] The “clear” button in the “tenant usage statistics” menu is not working. [#14114]

[Administration] German translation issues have been fixed. [#14377, #14375]

  • German spelling errors in the user settings have been fixed.
  • Translation of roles description is missing.

[Administration] A missing “space” character has been added to the error message in the “Custom properties” menu.

[Administration] The TFA SMS template in the tenant options cannot be changed. [#14171]

  • Even when the template is changed, the default template will be used instead.

[Administration] Tenant statistics export does not show subscribed applications correctly. [#13196]

  • If an application is removed from the tenant applications it is not removed from the tenant statistics.

[Administration] Data connector issues have been fixed.

  • In the field “target url for data connectors” any text can be entered instead of only urls.

[Administration] The Issue with the “delete” button appearing when you hover over a retention rule has been fixed. [#14352]

  • When you hover over the “delete” button the CSS changes.

[Administration] Existing connectors cannot be edited.

[Administration] Users with the proper permissions cannot assign sub-users to non-root groups.

[Administration] An error is shown when you delete a user which is a parent to another user.

[Device Management] Simulator issues have been fixed. [#14282]

  • When a new tenant is created and is subscribed to the “Simulator” feature, the tenant still cannot use simulators.

[Device Management] When you add measurements to a simulator, the message is lost. [#13724]

[Device Management] “Download” button in the event list does not show up.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Device database button issues have been fixed. [#14285]
    • If you click on the export button of a “device type” the button jumps some pixels.
  • “Platform Configuration” translation issues have been fixed.
    • Category names are not translated.
  • The alarm list widget is not updated in real-time. [#14291]
    • When an alarm is triggered, the alarm doesn’t appear in the alarm list widget until the browser page is reloaded.
  • “No message available” error is appearing when you log in.
  • It is possible to add new widgets without having the appropriate permissions.
  • The right drawer open icon is slightly shifted to the right.
  • An error is thrown when the user logs in for the first time. [#14053]
  • Web app issues with the “c8y branding” plugin have been fixed. [#13981]
    • The layout is not properly displayed on mobile devices.
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