Release Notes 8.14: LWM2M and Branding improvements


New functionalities & improvements

Administration improvements:

New: Branding and full subtenant management have been implemented. This feature will be available only to “Enterprise Edition” customers.

  • With the new branding editor, you can change the logos and colors of each tenant and its subtenants.


  • Before the branding changes are applied, you can preview the branding to make sure if everything is correct. You can also select the application that you would like to preview.


Cockpit improvements:

The “Send dashboard via email” smart rule is now deprecated. You will no longer be able to create new “Send dashboard via email” smart rules.

  • If you are already using this smart rule, you will still be able to manage it, but you will not be able to create a new one.

Additional improvements:

  • LWM2M improvements:
    • Uploading invalid “OMA”, “DDF” or “XML” files no longer crash the UI.
    • The LWM2M service is now scalable. Larger number of devices can be used without any issues.
    • Device communication mode has been improved. Operations may only be sent to a device if we received a registration update within a configurable interval. For example in the last 30 seconds. Otherwise, they remain pending.
    • Auto-observe functionality has been added to the LWM2M service. If Auto-Observe is turned on for a resource, this resource will be automatically observed if a device provides it.
  • The “request support” link is now configurable in the system options file.
  • New: The OPC/UA agent has the possibility to configure a proxy in the properties file. For more info, please see here.
  •  The “Device data” widget on the “Device Info” dashboard has been improved.
  • (Beta) The graph widgets on the “Device Info” dashboard have been improved.
    • Widgets which are not supported by the device have been removed.
    • All measurements are now located in a single graph.
    • Filtering option has been added to select the measurements that will be displayed.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] The “Data Point Status” widget validation is missing. [#14228]

  • An empty widget is added instead when you try to add the widget.

[Cockpit] Visual problems occur when the dashboards have a long name.

[Cockpit] Users with restricted rights get a new instance of the “Home dashboard”. There should be only one instance for the “Home dashboard”.

[Cockpit] Visual bugs in the SmartRest have been fixed.

[Cockpit] In the “Groups” menu, the “Filter” list is not refreshing when new assets are assigned to a group.

[Cockpit] The smart rules service throws an error when a user logs in for the first time. [#14053]

[Cockpit] When visualizing data in the data explorer, “Null” values are incorrectly displayed as “0”. [#14548]

[Administration] Data broker creation accepts invalid URL.

  • When creating a data broker connection, the URL is not properly checked.

[Administration] Users without the proper permissions can download excel reports via the “File Repository”. [#14172]

[Administration] The missing list/grid select for the tenant list has been added.

[Administration] Subscription endpoint returns credentials of suspended tenants when it should return only credentials of active tenants.

[Administration] When logging in as TFA enforced user, there are two SMS verification codes sent. [#14289]

[Administration] Visual bugs in the “Users” menu have been fixed.

[Administration] Icons in the “Audit logs” menu have been properly aligned.

[Administration] Visual bugs in the “Owner applications” menu have been fixed.

[Administration] The lack of translation in the subtenants menu has been fixed.

[Administration] The “Inventory role” box text is cut off.

[Administration] The “Data broker” causes infinite loop in the broadcast service.

[Device Management] The “Device operations” list contains operations which belong to other devices.

[Device Management] The buttons used to cancel “Bulk operations” are missing. [#14563]

[Device Management] The “Configuration tab” download buttons are not working.

[Device Management] Users with only inventory roles and no global roles cannot see all devices in the “all devices” section.

[Device Management] Changing the number of instances in an empty simulator resets the number of instructions.

[Device Management] The device “Info” tab is missing.

[Device Management] Events and alarms in the “Data point” widget do not have a tool tip.

[Device Management] Visual bugs in the “Software/Firmware” menu items have been fixed.

[Device Management] Measurements are not shown on the graphs. [#14822]


Additional bug fixes:

  • In the SSL management micro-service, an exception is thrown when you try to update the domain in the platform.
  • Text overflow issues have been fixed.
  • Multiple bugs in the German version of the platform have been fixed throughout all applications:
    • Missing or wrong translations.
    • UI issues.
    • Broken links.
  • The real-time authorization for the support user uses the wrong tenant. [#14374]
    • The “management” tenant is used instead of the proper one.
  • The external ID is not displayed properly in the SmartRest editor.
  • UI issues appearing when Japan language is used have been fixed.
  • All directories and files of the microservices files are world writable. [#14496]
  • The CEP engine is creating empty cache files. [#14495]
  • MQTT bundles fail to start after version upgrade if the mqtt session storage from the previous version exists.
  • The “Silo” widget popover is partially hidden.


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