Release Notes 8.15.0


New functionalities & improvements

Documentation improvements:

  • “c8yRealtime” example in the Cumulocity UI API docs has been updated. [#14767]
  • The “Properties library” documentation has been updated. You can find it in the administration user guide.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] The dashboard is visible even when it should be hidden from all users.

[Cockpit] “There are no dashboards available” message is shown even when there are dashboards available. Also, the “select” button is visible only when you are hovering over the correct area.

[Cockpit] When you add or edit a dashboard, in the “location in navigation” field you can set a value out of the given range.

[Cockpit] When adding invalid data in the “Info gauge” widget, the error notification messages has a “?” symbol in the end.

[Cockpit] An error is shown when you create a report with a very long name.

[Cockpit] Letters are not restricted in the “Phone” field in the “On alarm send sms” smart rule.

[Cockpit] The visual glitches in the “Pie chart” widget, have been fixed.

[Cockpit] Smart rule activation issues have been fixed.

  • Even when the smart rule is disabled in the “Configuration” menu, it still appears in the “Info” tab of the group.

[Cockpit] Dashboards sorting is not working properly. [#14599]

[Cockpit] In the “Data explorer” menu it is possible to have a starter date greater than the end date. [#14568]

[Administration] In the “Connectivity” menu, the “Delete credentials” button has the same color as the background.

[Administration] The full name of cloned applications is not shown.

[Administration] The input validations issues in the “Properties library” menu have been fixed. [#14124]

[Administration] The additional options icon is not placed correctly.

[Administration] When creating global roles, even when validation fails, submitting is still possible.

[Administration] Letters can be inserted in an integer type tenant property.

[Administration] Date filter issues in the “Tenant statistics” menu have been fixed. [#14116]

[Administration] After the customers plan is upgraded, the page is not refreshed.

[Administration] “Data connector” and “Data subscription” API now works only if your tenant is subscribed to the broker app feature.

[Administration] Null pointer exception is shown in the “Data broker” menu.

[Administration] In the “Usage statistics” menu item, the colon in the Boolean type filter is doubled.

[Administration] The tab labels in the “Connectivity” menu are cut.

[Administration] If the tenant list is sorted by id, the name is displayed in the first column.

[Administration] SSL activation issues have been fixed.

[Administration] The branding preview is not being shown when TFA is enabled.

[Device Management] The download file button in the “Configuration snapshot repository” is not working.

[Device Management] The chart in the “Data point graph” widget does not resize when you resize the widget.

[Device Management] The event details are not shown correctly.

[Device Management] The lack of responsiveness in the device “Canbus” tab has been fixed. [#14096]

[Device Management] In the “Location” tab of a device, when you edit the location and click “Save”, an unnecessary “More” button is shown.

[Device Management] “Execute for whole group” option provides issues when the group contains no devices.

[Device Management] In the device details “Alarms” tab, the “show only unresolved alarms” button is not working. [#14378]

[Device Management] Alarm severity and status are not shown in the “SmartRest” editor.

[Device Management] The “Cancel” button in the device credentials menu is not working.

[Device Management] In the “Software”/”Firmware” menu, elements can be saved without any data.

[Device Management] The “Download” button in the event list is not working properly.

  • The event list shows a download button for events if a binary is attached. This download button also shows as soon as the first chunk is uploaded.

[Device Management] In the “Location” tab of a device, the edit button is not working as intended.

  • When you make some changes and then click on “Cancel”, the changes are still being shown.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Vendme agent issues have been fixed. [#14452]
  • REST measurement “fragmentType” filter issues have been fixed. [#14399]
  • The location of menu items names is not consistent.
  • “Invalid credentials” error message appears when logging into the platform with a disabled user.
  • Alarm templates in SmartRest 2.0 do not work properly for “Status” and “Severity”.
  • Alarms are not cleared when data is transfered from one tenant, to another.
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