Release Notes 8.15.1: Asset Notes widget


New functionalities & improvements

New: Support for additional languages. Languages other than English and German are provided as a courtesy to end users. The translations may not be fully complete.


New: “Asset Notes” widget has been added. This widget displays messages provided by the administrative user to all owners of the current widget. Only users with the permission to edit the home  dashboard will be able to provide this message.

Additional improvements:

  • LWM2M improvement: Auto-Observe
    • If “Auto observe” has been turned on within an object/resource mapping, an automated subscription to that resource is sent to each device that provides this resource. This subscription request is sent to the device after it has registered.

Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] Menu item names are not shown in the upper window when you open an item.

[Cockpit] Adding a new widget doesn't render the widget component on the first load. Instead, it's rendered correctly after refreshing the page.

[Cockpit] Dashboards that do not have a context are not displayed.

[Administration] When you try to select an owner for a certain user, the button cannot be clicked.

[Administration] An exception is thrown when creating two subscriptions at once. [#14752]

[Administration] The global roles filter in the “Users” list does not function properly.

  • When you select a role and de-select it afterwards, the role is removed from the list entirely.

[Device Management] In the device “Info” tab, changing the device name and saving won’t update the title until you switch to another tab. [#14771]

[Device Management] Layout issues when creating bulk operations have been fixed. [#14421]

[Device Management] The simulator does not take “0” into account as a measurement value.

[Device Management] The “Reload” button is inactive in the “Groups” section.


Additional bug fixes:

  • The widget “IconMap” does not display anything. [#14342]
  • Translation issues have been fixed. [#14515, #14554, #14595]
  • SmartREST real time operations are not sent. [#14731]
  • The behavior of the “Save” button has been aligned throughout the platform.
    • In some places the button was enabled even when there were no changes. Now, the behavior is the same throughout the whole platform.
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