Release Notes 8.16.0: Configuration menu and LWM2M improvements



New functionalities & improvements

Device Management improvements:

(Beta) The widgets arrangement on the “Device Info” tab has been optimized. The widgets on the dashboard have been made smaller.

Additional improvements:

  • LWM2M improvements:
    • We now provide access to our “Firmware Repository” via CoAP protocol.
    • If a device that provides a LWM2M object comes online, it will automatically be observed.
  • The “LoRa Actility” microservice has been improved.
    • “Little endian” support to decode the payload has been added.
  • An additional info message is now displayed when the TFA settings are disabled on platform level and users cannot edit them. The info message states: “You cannot edit TFA settings, because they are disabled on the platform level.”
  • The TSL certificate API can now be accessed by multiple IP addresses.
  • System operators are now able to see the manifest file history. The microservice manifest file is stored as a managed object.
  • The OPC/UA agent now supports the usage of certificates.
    • HTTPS and encrypted and signed TCP support has been added.
  • The HTTPS proxy option has been removed from the application API. The corresponding parameters are not required anymore and it is not possible to create such type of an application anymore.
  • Developers will be able to access a tool to build microservice packages, which contain third party applications. These packages can be hosted by Cumulocity.sss
  • AngularJS has been upgraded. We are now using AngularJS version 1.6.6. For more information, see here.
  • (Beta) Unit conversion has been implemented into exports.
    • Measurements can now be exported in the selected measurement unit.
  • Support links are now configurable for each tenant. This feature is available only to Enterprise Edition customers.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] The appearance and location of the “Groups” menu in the navigator is changed when there are no groups.

[Cockpit] When you create a “Data point table widget” and resize it, a css overflow error occurs. [#14512, #14520]

[Administration] In the “Tenant policies” menu issues when adding a retention rule have been fixed.

  • During retention rule creation when the fragment type is set to “All”, the field is not inactive.

[Administration] Issues in the “Audit logs” menu have been fixed.

  • When changing the filter from “Groups” to “Global role” in the “Audit logs” menu, the “Global role” names are not changed and are referred to as “Groups”.
  • The “InventoryRole” type in the filter has been changed to “Inventory Role”.
  • Users are no longer being redirected to the wrong place.

[Administration] “Event processing” is visible in the quick links even if you have no access to it.

[Administration] When you try to select an “Owner” for a user, the “Select” button cannot be clicked.

[Administration] Cancel button for the SSL certificate activation/deactivation failure has been added.

[Administration] When you clone an application and delete it afterwards, the application reappears if you click on the “Refresh” button.

[Device Management] “No device users found containing” message is shown when there are no credentials in the “Device credentials” menu. This message should only appear when you are trying to find a message via the filter.

[Device Management] If the browser window is dragged to a smaller size in the “Network” tab of a device, the two buttons in the “WAN” section are displayed as one.

[Device Management] When creating a new configuration snapshot with a very long string in the “Configuration repository”, the “Save” button is correctly disabled, but there is no error message or indication which field has validation errors. [#14905]

[Device Management] In the “Configuration repository” page, file names with many characters break the layout.

[Device Management] An error is shown when editing a user and deleting his email address.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Agent upgrades no longer overwrite the existing configuration files.


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