Release Notes 8.17.0


New functionalities & improvements

Documentation improvements:

  • Documentation for c8yBinary.upload has been added to the Cumulocity UI docs. [#14918]
    • has been removed from the docs.

Additional improvements:

  • The realtime button has been moved as a little icon into the top menu bar. By default realtime is enabled.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] The side drawer is not showing “Welcome to” properly.

[Cockpit] The “From” and “To” fields in the “Event list” widget are not translated.

[Cockpit] The lacking timezones in the “Event list” menu have been added. [#14964]

[Cockpit] Missing translations in the right drawer menu have been added. [#14898]

[Cockpit] If the device dashboard is locked, the widget size can still be changed. [#14992]

[Cockpit] In the “Data explorer” menu, the datepicker is not usable if realtime is activated. [#14569]

[Administration] In the “Event processing” menu, the “Last modified” and “Examples” labels, no longer overlap.

[Administration] Buttons in the “OpenIT credentials” menu now lie in one row.

[Administration] Issues with the missing statistics in the administration “Home” screen have been fixed.

[Administration] Delegation of users is not possible, because the “Save” button is inactive. [#15053]

[Administration] It’s not possible to save when you open the new “Global roles” screen and select only “Read:all” roles.

[Administration] Adding a global role does not show form list.

  • When you want to add new global role, there should be a list with check boxes to set permissions and there is not.

[Administration] An error is shown when adding additional properties in the properties library.

[Administration] Validation is failing when you add examples in the “Event processing” menu.

  • When you try to add an example for the first time in the “CEP” page, the save button is deactivated. The button is enabled when changes are made or if another rule is added.

[Device Management] The guide link issue in the “Registration” menu has been fixed.

  • There were two hyperlinks redirecting to the same place instead of only one.

[Device Management] The guide link in the “Simulators” menu has been fixed.

[Device Management] Icons are not shown properly on smaller window sizes.

[Device Management] In the “Event” menu, the unnecessary symbols in the “Date To” field have been removed.

[Device Management] The guide link in the “Configuration repository” menu has been fixed.

[Device Management] Lwm2m client cannot connect with PSK mode without initial bootstrap connection.

[Device Management] An error is shown when loading the application. Also, the “Simulators” menu is missing as well.


Additional bugfixes:

  • When reordering properties in the “Asset properties” widget, the “Save” button is constantly disabled.
  • The “Help” and “Service” icons, in the right drawer menu are not shown. This issue is only on the “Firefox” browser. [#14894]
  • Select lists throughout the platform are not filtering properly if the items are translated.
  • When MQTT device receives the device credentials, the password has a comma and it is not surrounded with double quotations to escape special characters as described in the data format requirements. [#14682]
  • Realtime operations do not display the device name.
    • Instead of the device name “{}” is shown.



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