Release Notes 8.18.0: Device dashboards are now available.


New functionalities & improvements

Device Management improvements:

The group “Info” page has been replaced with group dashboard.


  • Group details widget has been added to the group dashboard.


New: Device dashboards are now available. The dashboard is located in the device “Info” tab.


Administration improvements:

In the “Users” page, the dropdown menu when changing owners has been improved. [#13698]



Documentation improvements:

  • The platform configuration feature has been added to the administration users guide.


Bug fixes:

The numbers after the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers


[Cockpit] “Data point library” and “On measurement threshold create alarm” smart rule issues have been fixed.

  • When you select data points without matching entries in the data point library, the Save button is enabled.

[Cockpit] “Asset table” widget issues have been fixed.

  • The missing “Alarms” and “Events” counters have been added.

[Cockpit] Issues with the “Widget data point table” have been fixed. [#14506]

  • Validation errors have been fixed.
  • Missing tool tips have been added.

[Cockpit] Long group names in the “Info” tab are cut.

[Cockpit] When you open the “Fieldbus” widget on the device dashboard, the Edit button is shown twice. [#1465]

[Administration] Tenant policies with long names provide view problems.

[Administration] Visual issues with the aggregation and triangle icons in the “Event processing” page have been fixed.

[Administration] When you create a data connector and add subscription to another tenant, an exception is thrown. [#14892]

  • The status stays in “waiting for connection” indefinitely.

[Administration] Fields in the “Alarm mappings” page do not lie in the same row.

[Administration] Icons in the “Data subscription” page are not shown properly.

[Administration] The information message in the “Event processing” page when there are no modules is incomplete.

[Administration] Missing and wrong translations in french language have been added.

[Administration] The missing information message in the “Retention rules” page has been added.

[Administration] Inventory roles can be created with an empty “Type” field.

[Administration] When you go to the “Global roles” screen and use the “duplicate role” functionality, the Save button is disabled.

[Device Management] When snapshots are removed from the repository, they are still visible to users.

[Device Management] The default “Smart Rest templates” are not validated. Values out of the allowed range can be given.

[Device Management] Visual issues with the group “Bulk operations” tab have been fixed.

[Device Management] When you search for results via the global search function, the context menu is not working properly.

[Device Management] When you create a device which supports software updates, the software list is cut from the “Device Details”.

[Device Management] Device name changes do not update the title of the new device “Info” dashboard.

[Device Management] Missing and wrong translations in french language have been added.

[Device Management] A Load more button is shown in the “Alarms” page even if there are no alarms available.

[Device Management] The Real time button in the “Event list” page is not working. [#15270]

  • When real time is active, the button doesn’t show it.


Additional bug fixes:

  • Japanese translation issues have been fixed.
    • Translation issues in the Administration application have been fixed.
    • Translation issues in the Device Management application have been fixed.
    • Translation issues in the Cockpit application have been fixed.
    • Translation issues during login have been fixed.
  • “Data connector” issues have been fixed. [#14587, #15187]
    • The “Data connector” is not using https, but http instead.
  • Issues when using mobile view have been fixed.
    • In the “Device Measurement” tab, the tooltip is cut when using mobile view.
    • The events calendar is not aligned properly in the action bar dropdown menu.
    • The calendar in the “Device Control” tab is not aligned properly.
    • The Don’t show button in the Cockpit’s “Welcome” page is not aligned properly.
    • When the “Global role” page is opened, the list of tabs is shown, but the user cannot open any of the tabs. The tabs list is no longer seen.
    • When you try to add a new rule, the Add rule button is inactive.
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