Re: Agent and application deployment to cloud tenant


Originally posted by eickler on 2012-03-26 10:22:52

Hi there,

yes, you can use Eclipse and any public cloud hoster to deploy your package. If you used the Eclipse SDK, see the small tutorial for creating packages from Eclipse. For demo purposes, you can, e.g., create a micro instance on Amazon EC2 (or your provider of choice) to drop the package off. We are still working on a more convenient PaaS concept, but if you have the agent on a device and serve most of your application as JavaScript, there's not so much management work left.

If you need to run a pilot or production application, please drop us a mail at support_at_cumulocity_com. The developer sandbox has a regular small scheduled maintenance break, which may be an issue with production systems. We are currently preparing a description of the "SLA" of the developer sandbox so that you know what you can expect from it. Watch this space!

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