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Originally posted by Jayesh on 2013-10-24 07:23:41

I am new to M2M, however have worked with Ethernet and serial communication solution. I have referred M2M details on various websites and it sounds this is going to grow rapidly in near future. I have following questions regarding M2M, please help.
- Is M2M similar as GSM modems available in the market
- Do we need dedicated piece of hardware / software to write a program / application for specific M2M application and why
- One the communication is established with remote machine using GSM/ GPRS network, if we wish we can use dedicated software for remote management, however most of the machines would have internal firmware / management / configuration software which should also allow us to exchange necessary data
- Is M2M more useful for remote operation of pure mechanical machines like compressors/ AC plants etc. and in that case how the modem /M2M device get connetecd with that machine
- Which language is used to write a program / code for M2M application
- In most of the machines, we have Ethernet connections we can connect them to broadband router which will allow us to connect machine anywhere from the Internet. How M2M is preferred over this solution.
- Is M2M preferred where the broadband connection is not available, however mobile GPRS / GSM connectivity is available for communication
- Some M2M devices are with I/O. Do we use them as a PLC which is remotely managed when activated with GSM / GPRS network
- M2M is a machine to machine so does it mean no human interface comes in to the picture and main machine at the central location will be controlled as per the program by another machine (I believe is a computer or mobile phone) at the remote end.
Kindly help me understand M2M in more detail.

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