Re: Agent behind of proxy server


Originally posted by kaczynskid on 2012-03-22 15:30:40

Depending on the version of the Spring You're using and the type of configuration:

1) XML (valid for all Spring versions)
   " />
2) XML using the p namespace (since Spring version 3.0):"
        p:proxyPort="54321" />
3) Java config (since Spring version 3.0)
public class MyConfiguration {

    public Platform cumulocityPlatform() {
        PlatformImpl platform = new PlatformImpl();
        return platform;
All other Cumulocity Platform properties can be set the same way too.

For a complete end to end example of using Spring with Cumulocity SDK have a look at cumulocity-examples, in particular the com.cumulocity.agents.mps Spring configuration.
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