Telematics device listeners and OEM protocol translation


Originally posted by Msterley on 2012-08-21 21:53:26

I have a question regarding how I would interface onboard vehicle telematics devices with your platform. These devices use an OEM ASCII / binary message protocol that submits messages to a server ip address and port. These messages are transmitted using TCP/UDP, at present I am using 3 different manufacturers all have the same basic communication method/option and the messages are similar based on NMEA.

As I understand the architecture for device integration I would need to develop an agent that runs on a server exposing TCP/UDP endpoints, translate inbound messages and then submit these to cumulocity via your interface?

I find the scenario described above a quite common requirement, surely the platform should expose standard TCP / UDP endpoints for device communication, that devices can be configured to communicate with directly, and custom parsing / translation logic can be applied for these endpoints?
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