Re: IP address to connect


Originally posted by Carlos_tst on 2013-03-19 09:21:33

Thanks for that information. But it's not enough for me… I want to register my device in my demo account in cumulocity of course. I was looking over the forum to search information about how to do it. Finally I found this:

curl -X POST -u "«tenant»/«user»:«password»" -h "X-Cumulocity-Application-Key: «application key»" -h "Content-Type: application/;ver=0.9" -d '{"name" : "A brand new thermometer!", "com_cumulocity_model_environmental_sensor_TemperatureSensor" : {} }'"> … gedObjects

But I can't executed. Is it correct? I can do that with only my demo account or I need something else? Can you help me, please?

Yours faithfully
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