New M2M Device is Ready for Cumulocity


Originally posted by dragino on 2014-02-11 08:34:49

Dragino MS14 platform is now ready for Cumulocity. The MS14 is an open source router which runs OpenWrt linux system, it has the SPI/UART interface to talk with MicroController module such as M32 (which has avr mega32u4 onboard). Developer can use the M32 module to communicate with different sensors or actuators. The MS14 deal with the communicate to Cumulocity via WiFi network. So the MCU only need to do simple work to get sensor data and pass to the ms14 or get alarm from ms14.

The MS14 has a very nice web UI to configure the system info such as: internet connection info , cumulocity account info etc. The M32 is open hardware project, so developer can easy customized it for different application in their projects.

The instruction of how to use MS14 and M32 to Cumulocity can be found at this link:

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