Re: Developing REST interface as Cumulocity App


Originally posted by eickler on 2012-03-21 15:15:41

If the runtime cannot find the activator, it looks like an Eclipse-level configuration screw-up to me. You could check a few things:
  • Is the right "Target Platform" selected in the preferences?
  • Can you try deleting the run configuration and creating it again? (Simply double-clicking the "OSGi Framework" item in the "Run Configurations" dialog.)
  • Do the "Hello, worlds!" work for you?
  • Is the manifest screwed up?
  • For your convenience, I attached an exported project to the post: [attachment=0][/attachment] Import it into Eclipse, then add "jersey-bundle-1.12.jar" on top level into the project. (I can't attach big files in the forum.) Open the and add your username, password and application key. Afterwards, you should be able to run the plugin without exceptions. If you do the curl command, you should be getting the name of the object with the ID 1972 returned. Hope that works for you, André
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