Deploying the agent outside SDK?


Originally posted by kulmala on 2012-11-21 15:34:04

Hi there,
I would like to test my agent outside Eclipse. I tried to install my agent bundle to Karaf and got an unresolved constrain exception. I guess it says that the Cumulocity bundles are missing.

Now, I'm a total newbie on OSGi and could not find the bundles that I need to deploy. I do get their names from the manifest:
  • com.nsn.cumulocity.platform-services.sdk.agent-lib
  • Where do I get them for deploying in Karaf? Also, do you have any recommendation for the deployment environment? The options I am aware of are TomCat6+Equinox Bridge and Karaf. I'm using CXF and I need embedded server, so I thought I should try Karaf first, it was easier to configurate for that. Thanks again for your help, Jaana
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