Re: IP address to connect


Originally posted by Carlos_tst on 2013-03-13 15:45:29

Thanks for your answer. Ok, I explain to you what I want to do:

I want to try your middleware with out TSmoTe(embbeded platform) using a GPRS from Sierra wireless. But I don't understand well how to start. As far as I know in other middleware you only need to send your Rest message from your device to the middleware, but in this case I don't have any reference to do that. In the next link:">, you have several GPRS: Cinterion, Kontron, Arduino, Raspberry Pi (upcoming), but we don't work with any of them. Then my question is: How can I send my REST message to the middleware? I'll need a IP address or domian name and a port becasue I can integrate your libraries ( You say: For other devices, install one of our libraries: Smart Agent for J2SE, Smart Agent for J2ME, Smart Agent for C (beta).) If i can't integrate these libraries, can't I work with your middleware?

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