Cumulocity 5.5.0 new features


Here's an overview of new features in Cumulocity 5.5.0:

  • All available measurements for devices and assets are automatically visualized, also the ones created through CEL rules. There's no need to use c8y_SupportedMeasurements anymore.
  • The JavaSE client now queues outgoing measurements, alarms and events. Use the "createAsync" method to just "drop off" your data. While the connection is up, the data will be sent out. If the connection goes down, the data will be buffered until the connection comes up again. Optionally, you can get notified when the data goes out.
  • You can simply cut the communication with individual devices that have been registered previously. To do that, go to "Info" tab of the device and click the "Deactivate" button.
  • You can now add arbitrary additional information to users. Check the "customProperties" section of the Users API Reference.

The Cumulocity team


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