Cumulocity 5.7.2 new features


Hi there!
We just deployed today Cumulocity 5.7.2 with some great updates! Here's the news.

With a small button, Cumulocity took a significant step towards an end-to-end real-time Internet of Things experience:

Clicking on "Realtime" will enable an automated update of the web user interface whenever there's new data available. The "Realtime" button is available in many areas of the user interface. No need to hit "Refresh" anymore!

The next neat thing is that plugins are out of beta and in GA now. This means that you can now completely reconfigure, customize, extend and brand the Cumulocity web user interface yourself. Documentation soon to come with the relaunch of our documentation web site!

Sneak preview: Access control lists are now in beta. These will give you a much finer control on permissions than what is possible today, up to individual users, devices and operations. Below, Justynka got the permission to restart coffee machine "Kawusia Smaczusia".


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