Cumulocity 5.19.0 release notes


The following fixes and changes have been published as part of this release:

MTM-4395 http links in JSON responses wrongly formatted
MTM-5851 Tenant detection based on database instead of subdomain name
MTM-6575 Administrator => Event Processing deployment status issues
MTM-6619 Example rules cause too much load
MTM-6634 UI: usage on devices with small screens not possible
MTM-6710 DeviceAdministration - Missing validation on required interval field
MTM-6792 Removing a tracker causes the agent to throw exceptions
MTM-6929 The X-Id header for SmartREST shouldn't be case sensitive. The error message with a wrong header is misleading
MTM-7112 Links in REST API use http protocol regardless of what is originally used
MTM-7125 Administratrion App throws a DatabaseException when deleting an application
MTM-7206 When deleting a device from the "All devices" dialog, then also provide the option to delete the user associated with this device
MTM-7276 Inventory Text Search returns duplicate entries
MTM-7377 Cannot create application in UI (missing manifest field), cannot delete application with plugins
MTM-7406 UI Device Management: Vertical tabs for device details is not scrollable
MTM-7453 Handle error messages in a user-friendly manner
MTM-7472 "Views" permission is obsolete, please remove
MTM-7500 SmartREST: Wrong error message if request contain invalid HTTP Authorisation header
MTM-7562 Cannot change own password
MTM-7583 Device management Child devices - wrongly total number of child devices
MTM-7601 Under Alarm Mapping, severity level "minor" shall not be named "Major", but "Minor"
MTM-7662 Breadcrumbs under device detail title are confusing and not very helpful
MTM-7663 Clear all pending operations button not working
MTM-7703 Map does not extend to full space when shrinking browser window
MTM-7707 using a user w/o access right: No error message & causes "dead end" inside one browser.
MTM-7708 Application / Page Icon missing for new tenants
MTM-7713 On mobile device, map display is not displayed correct
MTM-7720 Sending parallel request to add a child to Managed Object results in incomplete list of children
MTM-7762 No input validation for CEP name rule
MTM-7771 Device list doesn't show links
MTM-7775 REST representation for inventory-based permissions is not documented
MTM-7776 Passwords are not validated
MTM-7787 Opening KPI tab takes sometimes 40+ sec
MTM-7789 File repository - When a large file is loaded error is displayed.
MTM-7819 In the device control plugin the configuration box only displays when there is at least one other supported operation that shows up
MTM-7827 Binary storage API is not documented
MTM-7831 Device list tooltip when device is not monitored is misleading
MTM-7896 SmartREST device push response for request 80 does not end with CRLF
MTM-7908 Device Management send multiple identical /series requests
MTM-7911 Top level group/ assign devices/ empty child list.
MTM-7917 Registration with DeviceID's longer than 254 do not work.
MTM-7924 If username contains spaces, it is not possible to assign the user to a group
MTM-7939 Edit field for c8y_Configuration in UI is not shown
MTM-8006 Series endpoint and limitations are not documented
MTM-8015 Connection pool run out of connections when passing wrong tenant name
MTM-8017 KPI graph does not update from "No data available" when data arrives
MTM-8019 No date/time picker on the events page and on the tracking tab
MTM-8021 Logging in to deactivated tenant prints "wrong user name or password" error
MTM-8029 QR code plugin generates inventory requests even when there's nothing related to QR codes requested
MTM-8032 User of group "reader" cannot use any application.
MTM-8033 With read-only rights, one can edit the Dashboard transiently.
MTM-8037 Device registration: "Accept" button in "Pending acceptance" should be visible
MTM-8044 Deal gracefully with GPS disable resp. no GPS fix situations
MTM-8049 Cog wheel for menu also shows when the menu is actually empty
MTM-8050 GUI paging makes UI unusable for larger number of devices, users, ...
MTM-8052 Add validation of json content in CumulocityJSONBodyReader
MTM-8058 Server no longer sends realtime notifications for alarm updates
MTM-8072 Measurement graphs: Still "PM/AM" used in the X Axis in graphs
MTM-8076 Aggregation type selection in KPI graph widget is ignored
MTM-8078 SmartREST stores numbers as strings, breaks aggregation functionality
MTM-8079 You cannot send an empty string via SmartREST if you set the placeholder to STRING
MTM-8084 Show Y-labels on Measurement Graphs
MTM-8091 CEP error reporting is illegible and should not use 500 for expected cases
MTM-8096 Password validation on the backend side
MTM-8105 Self URL received after adding a user to a group results in 404
MTM-8129 Not all devices are shown in device management UI
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