Cumulocity 5.21.0 release notes


The fixes and changes listed in the table below have been published as part of the release. There were also a few user interface updates, so in case you get a weird layout in the Cumulocity applications, do a "shift-reload" in your browser.

MTM-8138 As end user, I want horizontal instead of vertical tabs in the cockpit application so that the screen estate on smart phones is used better
MTM-8257 As Cumulocity user, I want my account to be protected against brute force attacks
MTM-8260 As Cumulocity user, I want to be able to reset my password in case I forgot it
MTM-8223 Bad display of the number of records after using the "Realtime" button.
MTM-8258 As Cumulocity user, I want to enter my old password before changing to a new password so that others cannot change my password
MTM-8318 Small issues with Device Shell
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