Cumulocity 5.20.1 release notes


The following fixes and changes have been published as part of the release:

MTM-8253 Wrong error message on create user with wrong username
MTM-8223 Bad display of the number of records after using the "Realtime" button.
MTM-8220 User of group "reader" cannot open KPI in Administration.
MTM-8216 Administration- Event processing - bug appears when one module is deleted and second one is added immediately
MTM-8214 File repository - Administration - if the loaded file name is complex, the system fails
MTM-8213 Tekelec agent should use current server time when product type is modem
MTM-8144 As a device management user, I want a shell to execute commands on a device and view the results of the command execution
MTM-8129 Not all devices are shown in device management UI
MTM-8106 Tracking only shows a maximum of 500 entries
MTM-8071 Various Issues for Global KPI
MTM-8012 Sorting and duplication issues in list displays
MTM-7692 Measurement Visualisation Real-time bugs
MTM-7670 IPhone: Navigating from deviceList into device details nearly impossible.
MTM-7662 Breadcrumbs under device detail title are confusing and not very helpful
MTM-7562 Cannot change own password
MTM-6451 You can only access lower-caps tenants, but tenant API permits upper case letters
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