Cumulocity 6.2 release notes


On June 16, 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.2, bringing the following changes:

 New functionalities & Improvements:

  • MTM-8537 As a user, I want to manage the retention of my data to control my cloud cost
  • MTM-8687 Improve Map widget, to support location of multiple devices, display the location of children, show text in map widget, if device has no known position
  • MTM-8715 As a platform admin, I want to report on tenants and their devices/API calls/Storage
  • MTM-8922 As a power user, I want to refer to inventory master data in the Email smart rule
  • MTM-8939 As a power user, I want to have a Smart Rule to send SMS on alarm
  • MTM-9076 Device registration should enable deleting registration requests
  • MTM-9115 Put current backend and UI version on login page
  • MTM-9140 Create event sales simultaneously on refill sales

Bug fixes:

  • MTM-6876 endpoint applicationsByTenant returns duplicated results
  • MTM-9029 Cockpit - No validation of the fields while adding dashboards
  • MTM-9031 Current User endpoint returns less user info than User endpoint
  • MTM-9037 All Alarms of the severity are cleared
  • MTM-9080 "Browser manual here" link is broken
  • MTM-9082 Cockpit radial gauge widget "Edit" panel does not show currently selected KPI
  • MTM-9083 "Linear Gauage" widget
  • MTM-9086 Performance of dragging in data point explorer
  • MTM-9087 Data point explorer doesn't reload when you switch on real time
  • MTM-9088 Smart rule object selection incorrectly configured
  • MTM-9099 Map widget broken in old dashboards
  • MTM-9193 Cannot read property of undefined asset.Controller line 53
  • MTM-9194 No listener registered for scope on the channel "/alarms/*"


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