Cumulocity 6.1 release notes


On 29 May 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.1. The following changes are included:

New functionalities & Improvements

MTM-8905 - Configure password strength enforcement per environment [Private Edition]

MTM-8906 - Improved brute force attack protection

MTM-8927 - Text-to -peech messages via external provider

MTM-8930 - Fieldbus user interface updated

MTM-8933 - Make all device capability model classes extend Abstract Dynamic Props [Java Agent]

MTM-8938 - Switch on and off maintenance mode easily.

Bug fixes:

MTM-8837 - Vendme events issues

MTM-8871 - Measurements break with series name with spaces

MTM-8900 - Cockpit - Welcome page various issues

MTM-9065 - Menu must close on click in smaller screens

MTM-9071 - Cockpit - Choose possible data points from series endpoint not measurements

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