Cumulocity 6.6 release notes


On July 30th  2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.6, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

  • MTM-7136 Auto-fill feature of browser should be switched of for most Cumulocity forms
  • MTM-9062 As Cumulocity, I want to have an audit log for operations. Operations should log who created them, who executed changes on them and who canceled them (Similar to alarms)
  • MTM-9203 As Cumulocity, I want to have data received via real-time filtered by ACLs
  • MTM-9537 As device management user, I want to schedule and execute operations on groups of devices
  • MTM-9538 Tenant representation allows to store custom properties

Bug fixes:

  • MTM-9585 Optimize TLS traffic
  • MTM-9593 Smart rule deactivation error
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