Cumulocity 6.8 release notes



On September 4th  2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.8, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-9728      As user, I want to have a good history of alarms

MTM-9752      Netcomm agent traffic optimizations

Bug fixes:

MTM-8529      Notification tab overlapping

MTM-10023    After click on alarm audit does not show up

MTM-9453      FIELBUS3 Regarding reading and writing coils

MTM-9759      Email font and formatting

MTM-9870      User settings dialog does not display password strength indicator in Device Management

MTM-9927      No password strength monitoring in Platform Admin

MTM-9957      Netcomm Modbus plugin only creates alarm if also status reading is enabled

MTM-9958      Netcomm Modbus plugin: When updating device definitions, you have to delete the device



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