Cumulocity 6.10 release notes


On September 29th  2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.10, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-9499 Updated pricing model- additional information (used for billing)

MTM-9996 As admin I want to be warned if I change user groups permissions, esp. device group

MTM-10005 As user I would like to have a SmartRule, which sends an email including last position

MTM-9824 In Cockpit / Alarms, allow user to show also resolved alarms

Bug fixes:

MTM-8174  Length validation in administration/user and user group input fields

MTM-9336 Ticket 5541 - Client with " - " in domain name character in the name cannot be used

MTM-9824 In Cockpit / Alarms, allow user to show also resolved alarms

MTM-9876 User rights: alert doesn't disappear, when you are on page with correct user rights

MTM-9888 Administration UI user statistics summary shows incorrect number of users

MTM-10122 Business user sees error in Administration App

MTM-10124 When deleting a device not all associated data are deleted

MTM-10136 Logged in user can deactivate/remove himself

MTM-10179 Not all placeholders are replaced in email templates (only the first one)

MTM-10200 App switcher renders incorrectly in Chrome

MTM-10210 If a user without inventory READ enters welcome page and cannot find it the creation of its own welcome page does not work correctly

MTM-10215 Global Smart rules are not supported anymore

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