Cumulocity 6.12 release notes


On October 22th 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.12, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-9750 As user, I want reliable and fast Web Apps

MTM - 10364  As administrator, I want to upload app ZIPs

Bug fixes:

MTM-7281      Search drop down menu is broken

MTM-8500      Axis description of y-axis overlays axis values for large values

MTM-8600      Inventory-Based-Permissions: small page size should not be used for querying from DB

MTM-9571      Tenant creation error does not return HTTP error response in all cases

MTM-9669      CockpitApp - Long widget name

MTM-9682      missing predefined commands

MTM-10027    Impossible to see what devices are enabled for a smart rule

MTM-10029    Device management - Dashboard - KPI Linear Gauge - Overlay of value labels

MTM-10129    Bulk Operations: It should be possible to select any group as target group

MTM-10210    If a user without inventory READ enters welcome page and cannot find it the creation of its own welcome page does not work correctly

MTM-10212    In un deployed rules still send mails

MTM-10355    Deselecting a column in asset table does not work

MTM-10374    Adding c8y_Notes to Asset Properties widget breaks the widget

MTM-10380    Modbus Alarms are not cleared

MTM-10381    Non-continuous reading of Modbus data

MTM-10382    ipsec log not shown in log viewer

MTM-10388    Incorrect date format or measurement value can break series endpoint (add validation)

MTM-10390    Fix format of xls/csv in measurement export

MTM-10406    CSV/Excel export contains duplicate data

MTM-10439    Duplicated measurements created by cep rule (with same id)

MTM-10454    Asset Table: For dates, replace "October" with "10"

MTM-10462    Data points should not force adding c8y_Global flag to device MO

MTM-10487    Availability monitor overrides maintenance mode if there is still a device push connection

MTM-10509  Device Shell module can break if you send wrong command

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