Cumulocity 6.11 release notes


On October 12th 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.11, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-8436    As Netcomm user, I want to remotely troubleshoot the Netcomm device using the log viewer

MTM-9090    As cockpit user, I want to specify permissions on dashboards

MTM-9735    As Cumulocity, I want to be able to send dashboards via email

MTM-10036   As Netcomm device user, I want to forward Netcomm device events as alarms to Cumulocity

MTM-10114   I want the map views to show the alarm status of devices

MTM-10226   Improve wording in Bulk operation

MTM-10231   As user, I want frequently shown messages from the server in the user interface to be localized

Bug fixes:

MTM-8491    All properties passed in addComponent are searched for by the widget search dialog, including paths

MTM-8909    While adding image through widget “Choose File” Button is wrongly displayed in Firefox

MTM-10012   Button Add rule is not disabled when user does not have retention permissions

MTM-10034   REST API does not check for dateFrom/dateTo and returns wrong result if one is missing

MTM-10082   One alarm sent in GUI 4 alarms are shown each severity

MTM-10099   Connection issues are silently ignored by the user interface, maps

MTM-10221   If you click multiple buttons in asset table real time works only for the last one pushed

MTM-10239   Setting GPS location in Device Management does not work

MTM-10240   Search for address in DM not working anymore

MTM-10354   Digital input gpio2 alarm shown in all type of alarm should only in MAJOR

MTM-10326   Cockpit Bugfixes

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