Cumulocity 6.13 release notes


On November 10 th 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.13, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-10507    Info Tab: Smart Rules should be sorted alphabetically

MTM-10519    As a user I would like to have daily aggregation of my door open counts

MTM-10547    As a power user, I want to reliably undeploy CEL rules

MTM-10600    Remove "Alarms" tab in the device view

MTM-10627    Cockpit: Rename Asset to Group

Bug fixes:

MTM-9307      Data Graph Widget: Setting "Last Day" does not correctly effect X-Axis

MTM-9565      Platform Administrator UI: Central editing of admin name and password

MTM-9689      Cockpit Application – Device detail - Tab Permissions - Info Icon

MTM-9836      Data point validation

MTM-10222    Graphs require "inventory admin" permission to show in the user interface

MTM-10369    Agent log files can fill file system space

MTM-10388    Incorrect date format or measurement value can break series endpoint (add validation)

MTM-10636    You cannot select a device for widgets related to data points if you are on a report

MTM-10530    Fix Cockpit bugs on mobile devices (iOS, Android)

MTM-10534    i18n bug fixes

MTM-10561    Anonymous admin users with same password across tenants should not be allowed

MTM-10562    Files uploaded in device registration not sufficiently validated

MTM-10604    In navigator, rename "Data point explorer" into "Data explorer"

MTM-10605    Data explorer should show by default max first 5 data points

MTM-10606    When assigning sub-devices to the asset hierarchy, the "sub-assets" tab is shown

MTM-10620    Vendme agent: CGWReport alarms not cleared

MTM-10626    Schemas are cleaned but not removed after tenant deletion

MTM-10677    Bug when saving templates

MTM-9186  Simulated device is shown as offline while the childs produce measurements

MTM-9281  As Cockpit User, I want to duplicate Dashboard

MTM-10455 Asset table: Execution of Operation does not lead update of "last message" column

MTM-10532 For newly created smartapps I get error "No application for tenant management match given secret key!"

MTM-10544 Map is broken while zoom out

MTM-10651 Cannot delete attachment in File repository (missing [X] )

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