Cumulocity 6.14 release notes


On November 27 th 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.14, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-10008    As user, I want to export measurement data to CSV and XLS so that I can analyze the data in Excel and BI tools

MTM-10010    As user, I want to export inventory data to CSV and XLS so that I can analyze the data in Excel

MTM-10436    Map Widget: Reduce size of markers

MTM-10479    Device Management – Device detail - Dashboard - edit title of image widget - save button disabled

MTM-10751    Data Explorer: Add name to "Update in Library"

Bug fixes:

MTM-9334      Access is denied even though user has permission to 1 device

MTM-9565      Platform Administration UI: Central editing of admin name and password

MTM-9798      wrong path in Application details view (properties)

MTM-10178    Problems at Password reset because Email is cases sensitive

MTM-10201    SMS and IVR options and smart rules are shown even if SMS sending/IVR is not configured

MTM-10385    Add permission in dashboards

MTM-10435    Map Widget: Markers positioned wrong when zooming

MTM-10542    Bugs in HTML widget

MTM-10597    Welcome Page: Disable pop-up menu

MTM-10608    "Set dashboard as global": "Add permissions" always inactive

MTM-10629    An error has occurred. Please try again later

MTM-10641    Add device with long name to the smart rule

MTM-10644    Time handling in alarm view is still confusing

MTM-10647    Access to bulk operation status is incomprehensible

MTM-10664    Device Management: Remove Identity tab if user does not have rights.

MTM-10665    Device Management: new real time operations are shown at random positions in control tab

MTM-10700    "Get Measurements" confirmation dialog mentions "Tixi" also for Netcomm

MTM-10743    Deactivation of the user

MTM-10752    Data explorer: When saving a new data point to library, menu should show "Update in library".

MTM-10753    Data explorer: When deleting a library entry, the linked data point still shows "Update in library"

MTM-8533      Errors in updating Map location coordinates BZ32

MTM-10630    Data points validation

MTM-10728    Remove widget "Properties" from "Add widget" dialog

MTM-10730    Asset Table -> Edit -> Add Action...: Remove "..."

MTM-10736    If you add a child device to an asset you will get the delete asset option and can delete the child including data

MTM-10749    When saving a data point to library, Status message shows "KPI Saved to library"

MTM-10776    Impossible to create "On alarm escalate it" smart rule

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