Cumulocity 6.15 release notes


On December 8th 2015, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.15, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-10666    As activity developer, I want to forward my data directly to Cumulocity

MTM-10675    As user, I want to export alarms and events to CSV and XLS so that I can analyze the data in Excel

Bug fixes:

MTM-9951      Device selector combo deselects selected item after search

MTM-10081    Bug with Geofence visualization if not zoomed at 100% in browser

MTM-10676    Using application/json as Content-Type in measurement creation can lead to 400 Bad Request

MTM-10718     In asset table moving a column adjusted the column to another place and triggers the maintenance mode for all devices in the table

MTM-10791    Cumulocity shows a German UI regardless of order in the Chrome language preferences

MTM-10794    i18n: browser language preference priorities are not respected

MTM-10839    Welcome Page - detailed view of one asset - dispensable Arrow Button

MTM-10841    Welcome Page - spaces between rows in segment applications are too closely

MTM-10850    Un deployed modules still sends emails

MTM-10858    UI Event details missing in Events list

MTM-10878    Usability: Remove "Details" button on "Reporting" page

MTM-10714    You cannot pull the scroll bar in dashboard widgets on Firefox

MTM-10784    It is possible to register device with empty id ("") in device registration

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