Cumulocity 6.16 release notes


On January 7 th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 6.16, bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements:

MTM-9282 As platform admin, I want to see in the report when a tenant has been created

MTM-10013 Forward "Required Interval" from Cumulocity to Tixi

MTM-10451 Navigator: Groups should be sorted alphabetical

MTM-10637 I want to connect non-Cumulocity compliant devices to the Cloud of Things without hosting server-side agents or making other ports available

MTM-10845    As fieldbus user, I want to manage my Modbus devices on Fieldbus3-level using Netcomm gateways

MTM-10846    As fieldbus user, I want to visualize device status and measurements in a SCADA widget

MTM-10848    As fieldbus user, I want to import ready-made device type definitions

MTM-10933    Dashboard: avoid accidental editing by introducing explicit edit mode.

Bug fixes:

MTM-9786      Special characters in CEP Rule

MTM-10548    Bulk operations scheduled twice when having 2 master core nodes in cluster

MTM-10563    408 Timeout on realtime

MTM-10713    In shell command plugin double clicking sends 2 messages

MTM-10715    Active alarm status does not display the actual status

MTM-10720    Data Point Explorer - change y-axis max value don’t work correctly

MTM-10851  Dialogue process for close a popup is not consistent

MTM-10738  Tixi device users get deactivated automatically

MTM-10897  Data-Explorer - Content Passes popup border

MTM-10910 no security query when deleting Dashboards

MTM-10929 Cockpit App - Home - Widget Asset Table can be created without attributes - Table is empty

MTM-10961    Download as Excel returns broken files when aggregates are selected

MTM-10985   Cockpit App - Create new Group - Long names runs out of Popup

MTM-10996   Device management - Info - Problems with representation in segment "Groups" with long group names

MTM-10998 Measurement series export endpoint consumes lot of memory and overloads GC

MTM-11019 UI installation script does not unpack applications

MTM-11054 Unpacking files does not work when different partition than tmp

MTM-11091 I didn’t get any user feedback when i save changes under
" Configuration File" / " Firmware File" or " software filing "

MTM-11094 Don't save user if nothing changed

MTM-11100 Data explorer / invalid colors for data points

MTM-5328 Alarm status should not be mandatory when creating new alarms

MTM-5382 Exception during creating an own application

MTM-7770 Tenants other than management can publish marketplace applications

MTM-7857 Cannot delete tenants that have applications registered or own applications

MTM-9070 REST New Device Request wrong @Consumes

MTM-9464 It is possible to create tenants pg_catalog and information_schema

MTM-10398 DELETE on tenant option returns an error

MTM-10607 "Send as widget to dashboard:" Un logical options and values

MTM-10750 Data point library: Unsorted list, save by Measurement name and series

MTM-10818  Wrong error message with two users with the same email

MTM-11021  Name of the export alarms and events to CSV and XLS

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