Cumulocity 7.19 release notes


On February 16th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.19, bringing the following changes:

Bug fixes:

MTM-10929   Cockpit App - Home - Widget Asset Table can be created without attributes - Table is empty

MTM-11291   Reduce the initial zoom level in maps

MTM-10887   Dashboard - Widgets - no vertical scrollbar visible with chrome

MTM-11068   File does not download when you click "Download" on CSV/Excel download feature with IE11 and Edge

MTM-11238   System users visible in the UI

MTM-10088   Cockpit doesn’t fully work with user accounts permissions

MTM-11168   User can elevate permissions by adding guessed children

MTM-11178   Smart rule "Calculate Energy Consumption" don’t generate Consumption Fragment

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