Cumulocity 7.20 release notes


On March 2st 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.20, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & Improvements

MTM-11004 Export XLS/CSV Improvements [Cockpit Application]

  • If the user selects alarms, events or measurements, fields like “date” and “device name” is automatically to the list of exported fields.
  • Export of measurements, events and alarms can now include the field “Device name”.
  • Does not return rows in the spreadsheet that have no information in any custom field.

MTM-11188 Jasper Wireless Control Center Integration [Device Management Application]

MTM-11262 Jasper Wireless Control Center Integration [Device Management Application]

MTM-11411 Telic tracking devices provide more information [Device Integration's]

  • Support for the following measurements has been added: Altitude, Speed, Mileage, Battery level, Motion
  • Support for the following events has been added: Geofence enter, Geofence exit, Motion started, Motion ended, Charger connected
  • The location event now supports also the following properties: satellitesForCalculation, GPSTimestamp, logTimestamp, reportReason (log code), fixType
  • Documentation at will be updated soon.

MTM-11566 "Download" button has been removed from “Own application -> Archives’ [Administration Application]

  • The button “Download” (as shown in the following screenshot) has been removed. This has been done to protect the IPR of app developers.

MTM-10015 Widget "Welcome to Cockpit" improvements [Cockpit Application]

  • The text of the Welcome widget has been improved as shown below, taken into account limited access rights of certain users:

MTM-12345 Improved Device Connectivity Visualization [Cockpit Application, Device Management Application]

  • The status of the devices are improved, now users can see data traffic connection and push connection

For details, please see .


Bug fixes:

MTM-11428 Cloud Fieldbus: Events are not logged by the NTC-6200

MTM-11458 System users are visible even for new tenants

MTM-10973 Asset table - double operation

MTM-11290 Last measurement fields are not displayed correctly in asset properties

MTM-11356 If the map does a real-time update the current zoom level of the user is removed

MTM-11403 Administration App - User – User details own user - change password not possible

MTM-11423 Info tab - When save is selected information are getting deleted

MTM-11148   Connection monitoring is reporting wrong "last updated" and doesn't respect required interval

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