Cumulocity 7.22 release notes


On march 29th 2016, Cumulocity Standard Edition was updated to Release 7.22, bringing the following changes.

New functionalities & Improvements

MTM-11435, MTM-11744 Audit logs feature added [Administration application]

  • Audit logs are created when changes are applied to users, groups, alarms, event processing, smart rules and operations.
  • Filters can be used for easier search through logs.
  • Alarm, operation and smart rule logs that were created before 7.22 do not have “Type”, hence they are not visible when logs are filtered by “Type”.
  • For details, see

MTM-11834 The map marker shows the date and time of the last reported position [Tracking App, Cockpit App, Device Management App]

  • The date and time of the last reported position of each device is now displayed on the popup of the map marker for the following maps:
    • Device details tracking map
    • Device management map
    • Cockpit home page map
    • Map plugin

MTM-11540 Tooltip explaining “Alarm-Type” in smart rules has been added  [Cockpit App]

  • For each smart rule with an alarm type, a tooltip as shown in the screenshot below has been added.

MTM-11456 Data aggregation on minute level was added [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

  • “Minutely” aggregation option in data point graph settings has been added in order to deal with measurements sent every second.

MTM-8332 Relative times are replaced with absolute times [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

  • In the following places, relative times are replaced with absolute times.
    • Datapoint list widget
    • Device page, info tab: Last updated field
    • Asset table: last message field
    • Event list widget
    • Bulk operations
    • Event processing, list and detail: last modified fields

MTM-11720 SmartREST API  improvements [REST APIs]

  • Template ID’s can now be passed in payload body.
  • SmartREST can be used without the need of X-Id HTTP header, supporting embedded devices that cannot set custom HTTP headers.
  • Messages can be sent with multiple X-Ids in one request.

MTM-11874 Smart rules improvements [Administration App]

  • In CEP rules associated with smart rules, the event listing now displays a meaningful description. This only applies to newly created smart rules.

MTM-11746 API requests data for devices only has been added [Administration App, Platform Admin App]

MTM-11747 Searching devices based on the external identity field is no longer possible. Instead the normal search returns already all devices with the respective identity.  [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

Bug fixes

The numbers behind the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.


MTM-11620 Export CSV/XLS bug fixes [Cockpit App]

  • Time stamps in the export are not working in excel.
  • Fixed attaching attachments to existing managed objects.
  • Computed properties in XLS/CSV export property selectors are not displayed.
  • Emails containing http link instead of https.

MTM-11832 Widget search only works with the original English names.

This was                                       fixed in:

  • Widget search in cockpit.
  • Smart rule alarm severity autocomplete.
  • Tracker configuration in device details.
  • Add/edit retention rules in administration application.
  • Tracker descriptions in tracker autocomplete are now translated.
  • Data types in retention rules are now translated.

MTM-11061 Devices with invalid locations are no longer displayed on the maps in the following locations:

  • Device management map
  • Cockpit home page map
  • Device details tracking map
  • Map plugin

MTM-11951, #8775 Export report search button not functioning [Cockpit App]

MTM-11940, #8784 Groups in navigator are not sorted alphabetically [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

MTM-11923, #8710 Real-time mode in “Data point graph” widget is not working

MTM-11436, #8431 Deactivated measurements are shown in the exported xls sheet [Cockpit App]

MTM-11931, #8776 “DeviceID” column in the alarm report table was removed entirely

MTM-11760 Icons no longer overlap at the name filter of device list

MTM-12055 The active tab is not graphically differentiated when entering the application from URL or after refresh

MTM-11877 Long application names are wrapped incorrectly on small screens

MTM-11847 Alarm list breaks on long alarm names

MTM-11743 There are no hints for validity of Tenant ID and URL when creating a new tenant [Platform Admin App]

MTM-11907 The child devices table lays out of the panel on small screens

MTM-11051, #8127 Only the info tab is visible under “Device Details” on iPad [Device Management App]

MTM-11590 SmartRules allow to choose unsupported time intervals

MTM-11384, #7397 Alarms are not sorted by time in the Alarm list Widget [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

MTM-11266, #8298 Path between device locations is not shown in device tracking on Internet Explorer 11 [Cockpit App, Device Management App]

MTM-10731 Selected device is not shown when editing “Asset table” widget [Cockpit App]

MTM-11093, #8181, #8652 Smart Rule - “On explicit threshold create alarm”  “0” cannot be used as min or max value [Cockpit App]

MTM-10905, #8054 Layout problems occur if more than ten attributes are added to the widget “Asset table” [Cockpit App]

MTM-11432, #8426 Measurements data is cut under “Device Details” [Device Management App]

MTM-11590, #8547 Seconds configuration has been removed from smart rules “On Alarm Duration” and “On Missing Measurements” [Cockpit App]

MTM-11440, #8395 User with admin rights is unable to go to “Event processing” after password change [Administration App]

MTM-12012 Device type cannot be deleted via UI [Device Management App, Fieldbus4]

MTM-11876 All previously deployed ZIP file applications are not available

MTM-11875 Threshold smart rule does not work for the first red/green measurement

MTM-11918, #8753 Data point list widget does not show the correct target


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  • Avatar
    Jarmo Laine

    When will this version be available for Private Edition installations?

  • Avatar
    Stefan Vaillant

    @Jarmo, when you install Version 7.22 in your data center, the described features are available.

  • Avatar
    Jarmo Laine

    @Stefan, OK but from where or whom we can get the installation packages?

  • Avatar
    André Eickler

    Hey Jarmo, just drop us a note (e.g., Thomas). Cheers, André