Cumulocity 7.21 release notes


Cumulocity 7.21 Release Notes

Cumulocity Release 7.21 bringing the following changes:

New functionalities & Improvements

MTM-11592        “Top level groups” menu item has been removed [Device                                   Management Application]

  • “Top level groups” menu item (as shown in the following screenshot) was removed from the left navigation menu. Instead, all top level groups are listed under the “Groups” menu item. 



MTM-11386      Devices tab from “Groups -> groupID” has been removed [Device                      Management Application]

  • “Devices” tab in the group page has been removed. “Sub-assets” tab can be used instead, as it shows the same information.

MTM-11592      Delete devices and bulk delete devices improvements [Cockpit                            Application, Device Management Application]

  • Delete device button has now the label text “Delete”, instead of [X] icon.
  • After device deletion a confirmation window that asks if child devices should be deleted or not has been added. (Confirmation window title and OK button have red background color to reflect the dangerous nature of the operation.)


MTM-11592      Improved delete groups feature [Cockpit Application, Device                              Management Application]

  • When a group is deleted, all subgroups are deleted as well.
  • Delete group button (as shown in the picture below) has now the label text “Delete”, instead of [X] icon only
  • Deleting groups has a confirmation window that asks if devices should be deleted too or not. (Confirmation window title and OK button have red background color to reflect the dangerous nature of the operation)

 MTM-11592      Unassigning devices from groups improvements [Cockpit                                   Application, Device Management Application]

  • All “Unassign” buttons color has been changed to orange in order to signify “warning” instead of “danger”.
  • Unassign buttons now have the text “Unassign”. (Shown in the picture below.)


  • Under Info page for groups on Device Management and Cockpit new input field “NOTES” has been added.

MTM-11337     Copying dashboards feature improvements [Cockpit Application]

  • Copying dashboards feature has been added to groups as well. (Until now copying a dashboard was available only for devices).


MTM-11309      Prevented endless loops in event processing [Real-time Event                            Processing]

MTM-11591      Bulk provision devices improvements [Device Management                                Application]

Bug fixes:

The numbers behind the hash (#) refer to Zendesk numbers.

MTM-11580              Password expiration feature improvements [Administration                                Application]

  • The new password cannot be the same as the old password
  • The correct message alert is shown after the password validity is changed

MTM-10471              Email-as-dashboard smart rules fixes

  • The fixes apply only for newly created Email-as-dashboard smart rules in the Cockpit Application
  • Email-as-dashboard smart rules are only visible under “Configuration -> Smart Rules”, they are not visible anymore under each object in the asset tree.

MTM-11877              Long application names no longer break layout

MTM-11907              All devices and child devices layouts don’t break for small                                  screens

MTM-9991,#8271      Real-time and reload don’t work in child devices list     

MTM-11355              Inconsistency of password validation in device user details

MTM-11553              Log events for SMS sent by SmartRules are not created

MTM-11604,#8562    Simulator no longer locks out user       

MTM-11445, #8441, #8219,#8510, #8520, #8447, #8522         

                             Cloud Fieldbus placeholder fix

MTM-11594              Incorrect Sender in CEP examples

MTM-11692              Tracker agent should not be created by device user

MTM-11775              Dynamic tabs with the highest priority are not opened                                        automatically [Cockpit]



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